Where's Your Road

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About YOU!


Traditionally, this is supposed to be the “about me” page. However, the reason you are looking for a life coach and reading this site (thank you, by the way!) right now, is that it’s really about you

What do you really want to know about me? That I have acronyms for a couple of degreesĀ & professional certifications that can be added onto the end of my name?

I doubt it.

What you really want to know is whether or not I can produce results for you.

There’s a part of me that wants to answer that question with a resounding “yes, I can.” Why? Because I have confidence in my abilities to help you find your direction. However, the better response is:

“I will work with you and empower you to take control of your journey and reach your sought-after destination.”

What I have, in lieu of a certification, that may help you make the choice to allow me the opportunity to work with you is…


I have worked with a variety of clients, who themselves have an amazing set of skills, goals, achievements, & stories to tell. With each individual challenge, I find it important to collaborate on a plan. All plans take different routes of action & communication, based on individual personality and willingness to explore possibilities.

All you need is the desire and commitment to take the first step to create the strategy and start achieving YOUR goals and dreams.

Let me help you on that road!