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June 12, 2014

Dan’s guidance and career advice has helped me achieve my goals. We met and defined my goals writing out my one year and three year goals after discussing what I wanted out of life and where I wanted to be. My three year plan has come to fruition in less than two years for most goals. Over the years, he has supported me in pursuing my MBA and career advancement to my dream job; helping me with my resume for my current consulting position. Dan can help you map out your road map to success, too.


June 12, 2014


During a time that I was unhappy and stagnant with my career, Dan helped me outline my career possibilities and a plan of action.  He helped me create deliverable career goals and set the plan in action.  Since working with Dan, I have advanced my career and established professional networking contacts.  Not only has this had a substantial impact on me personally, but my family has benefited from it also!




June 12, 2014

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have met Dan professionally. Not only was the course an extremely valuable jumping off point for me, Dan’s energy and enthusiasm for Project Management and pursuing career goals was very infectious[…]Dan has an innate ability for coaching others to help them recognize their potential and to map out a clear path for life and career goals.  In many instances, Dan was able to remind me of skills that I took for granted that would be in demand by many employers.  Dan possesses exceptional human qualities- he is positive and encouraging and recognizes that one size does not fit all.  He is creative, detail-oriented, industrious, patient, and above all, person-oriented.  I would recommend Dan’s professional coaching services without hesitation.


June 12, 2014

Thanks so very much for being the ray of sunshine and encouraging me to apply for the position, and although at first being disappointed, your encouragement for me to continue to take the leap and see the silver lining in pursuing my new endeavor is very appreciated.   Thank you....Thank you...Thank you. [...]

A great big Thank you....it's great to hear stories of how someone took advantage of what they saw as a hidden gem (when others didn't see the brilliant light) and gave him an opportunity....because look at him now!  .... The "him" is you...just to clarify....smile

Please continue to help others achieve their goals and live up to their aspirations...more leaders like you are needed!


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