Where's Your Road

Setting your life's GPS to "Go"…

Where The Rubber Meets The Road…


Listed below are the areas of life coaching where I have extensive experience:

  • Career Crossroads
  • Career Crisis Management
  • Young Adult
  • Resume Renovations
  • Situational Strategy
  • Educational Analysis

What we will focus on with you is the following, because it’s E.A.S.Y.:

  • Empathy, Energy, & Enthusiasm As a coach I will always have empathy for your situation, as well as challenges that get in your way. I will also always approach our discussions with positive energy & enthusiasm, as both are needed to discuss & pursue new goals…
  • Accountability A big difference maker in coaching relationships is accountability. And, accountability is a two-way street. It’s important for me to stay on task to help guide you to your destination. It’s also important for me to implement an appropriate follow-up system to keep you on target. For your part, accountability means doing the work needed to achieve your goals.
  • Strategy Once we clarify your goals and where you are headed, we need to develop a strategy to get you there. It could be simple steps, or it could be BIG STEPS broken down in smaller steps to make bigger steps happen.
  • YOU! The coaching experience is all about you. Allow me the opportunity to say that again: the coaching experience is all about you. We work together to pursue and accomplish your life goals. The combination of the above pieces will provide the results through mutual accountability, an appropriate strategy, and a solid helping of empathy, energy, & enthusiasm.

OK, here’s the truth: Nothing good comes “E.A.S.Y.,” but this is acronym is identifiable for both you and me in moving forward, and trusting we can collaborate on your goals and dreams…

The How

I will employ a variety of tools to help us clarify & pursue your goals. We will utilize principles both familiar to coaching practices, such as open dialogue, open-ended questions, and goals clarification tools; as well as principles & concepts from unrelated fields that match well with coaching processes. I hold certifications outside of the coaching industry and applying concepts to coaching provides a different approach to planning & task action related to your goals.